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Business License
  • Business license certificate
    A business license is a certificate issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce to industrial and commercial enterprises and self-employed persons to permit them to engage in certain production and business activities. The format shall be uniformly stipulated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
    Update Time:2019-08-13
  • Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.
    Sgs certification refers to the service that SGS carries out compliance certification on the target according to standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions. In order to carry out relevant certification, it is necessary to pass inspection, testing, authentication, certification and other means ( SGS certification itself is not a certification, but refers to SGS certification services ).
    Update Time:2018-06-20
  • Business license certificate
    The business license is the certificate that the enterprise or organization is the legitimate right to operate.   
    Update Time:2019-04-23
Product Certificates
  • Quality Management System Certification
    Quality management system certification refers to the activities in which Third-party certification authority, which has obtained the qualification of quality management system certification, evaluates the quality management system of an enterprise according to the officially issued quality management system standards. If the quality management system is assessed as qualified, a third party organization shall issue a quality management system certification certificate and register and publish it to prove that the quality management and quality assurance capability of the enterprise meet the corresponding standards or have the ability to provide products according to the specified quality requirements.
    Update Time:2019-04-23
  • European Conformity
    Ce mark is a safety qualified mark rather than a quality qualified mark. Is the " main requirement" which forms the core of European directives.
    Update Time:2019-04-23
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