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Six common problems with the industrial control host/mini PC

Six common problems with the industrial control host/mini PC
Update Time:2019-09-10
Six common problems with the industrial control host/mini PC
Can the industrial control host/mini PC be used as a normal computer?

The industrial control host/mini PC itself is a computer, but its size is reduced. Due to the improvement of the production process, the performance is not worse than that of the general tablet. At the same time, since the power consumption is only about 30W, the power consumption is significantly reduced. #DJS-IPC6COM industrial control host/mini PC adopts all-aluminum body design, which utilizes its strong thermal conductivity to perfectly solve the heat dissipation problem of small chassis. It combines the exquisite mini fashion design for business office computer and industrial control industry. Say, it can fully meet the application needs.

Which systems does the Industrial Control Host/Mini PC support?

The industrial control host/mini PC supports Win7/WIN8.1/Win10/LINUX (including UBUNTU, CentOS, Debian) and other operating systems.

Industrial control host / mini PC is good?

I believe that this problem will be accompanied by the development of the mini computer industry for a long time. In fact, the answer is yes. It is the best replacement for PCs. It has the performance of general PCs, and it has low function and small size. The appearance is exquisite and so on, in the future, it will certainly be successful in the PC market.

Is the all-in-one computer still an industrial control host/mini PC?

The all-in-one computer and the industrial control host/mini PC have their own advantages. From the configuration, maintainability, scalability, and removability, the industrial control host/mini PC has a considerable advantage, and the price is not very different. In addition, due to the high integration of the #DJS TECH all-in-one machine, its heat dissipation solution is not ideal, but the all-in-one computer is not nothing, its integrated design and a more compact appearance is also a bright spot. As for the choice of one machine or industrial control host / mini PC, consumers need to consider the specific needs.

What are the uses of the industrial control host/mini PC?

1) Use as HTPC, put it in the living room and connect with TV (via VGA or HDMI) as a network movie player, go online, watch movies, or use it as a download video resource (optional large-capacity hard disk)
2) Business office, less than 30W, compact, exquisite, quiet, save space;
3) Hotel room special computer, beautiful and high-grade, very convenient to put in the hotel room, and at the same time have anti-theft lock to improve safety;
4) Education and training industry, compared with traditional PC, has better cost performance, better software compatibility, faster speed;
5) It can be used as the main accessory of remote media player, advertising machine, all-in-one machine, POS machine, etc., and it is developed into other products for secondary development.
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