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Why does the computer fail to start after crashing?

Why does the computer fail to start after crashing?
Update Time:2019-12-04
Why does the computer fail to start after crashing?
Answer : If your computer suddenly crashes, please turn it on again, and then both the power supply and the fan can work, but if it still fails to start (Didi's alert), there may be a problem with the memory module. 80% chance is that the memory module is not inserted firmly. In this case, you only need to wipe the contacts between the motherboard and the memory, and then reinsert them. Another 20% probability is that there is a problem with the memory circuit of the memory module or motherboard, which can only be solved by replacing it.

People often ask us: The computer is in a good location and no one moves. Why is there a problem with the memory module? In fact, the main reason is that the inside of the machine is too dirty and dusty.

If the dust increases, the power supply, CPU fan and other components will generate slight vibration during operation. It is difficult for users to notice the danger of this vibration, but if there is little dust on the memory stick of the computer, the vibration will block the contact between the memory stick and the contacts of the motherboard for a moment. Good luck, it may cause crashes and startup failures. doom. If the related components are reading and writing, and the working current is large, sudden bad contact may prevent the current from moving normally and burn the motherboard or memory module.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the dust inside the computer will prevent possible malfunctions
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