DJS Tech Partner

Our trading partners

Our products are exported to countries around the world, and many products are popular and used by users in various countries.

We have established partnerships with customers in many countries and established exhibitions to provide customers with samples and exchanges, such as Brazil, Thailand and other countries, if you need to contact us to provide locations.

We also have long-term partners in different countries, such as Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and so on.
Among them, in Thailand, we showcase a range of electronic devices such as all-in-ones, computer desktops,mini pc and a series of electronic devices.


Customer moments

Turkish customer
Uganda customer
Brazilian customer
vcsdsswd customer
Thai customer
Korean customer
Abdulraheem customer
Cuban customer
Kenyan customer
Malek customer
Carlos customer
Cuban customer

Industry experience

The company has been developing an integrated machine business for more than 12 years.

Price and quality

Quality assurance, reasonable price. Efficient service for communication and delivery

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