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How to choose all in one pc?All in one pc purchase guide

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How to choose all in one pc?All in one pc purchase guide
Issue Time:2019-01-29

How to choose all in one pc?All in one pc purchase guide

Advantages of all in one pc

1.Get rid of wire clutter

      The all in one pc doesn't require our cumbersome connecting wires,just plug in the power.People who have used it have a deep experience,and it is convenient to use all-in-one computer.

2.Small space occupied

      High intergration of office all in one pc,the route is thin and light,the space occupancy rate is low.On the desktop is just a "display".

3.Stylish apprearance

      The most distinctive feature of the office all in one pc is simple and fashionable materialized design which is more in line with the modern people's purpose of saving space and beauty for the home.

4.Large screen,High performance

      The same as the desktop computer with the same components, the latest CPU processor, large-capacity memory, high-speed solid-state hard drive is available, performance and desktop computer is not inferior, more powerful than the same price notebook. Moreover, it also has the advantage of a large screen that the notebook can't match, the screen content is more displayed, and the field of vision is wider.

All in one pc purchase guide

1.Look as office need

      The all-in-one can be seen as a customized version of the desktop computer, unlike the desktop computer to upgrade the hardware flexibly, so enterprise users must first understand the performance requirements when choosing an all-in-one. For example, a professional designer can use Apple's iMac, the screen is good enough, the color is outstanding, and the performance is good. But like general office needs, the ordinary all in one pc can be satisfied, after all, the cost is a topic that cannot be avoided.

      Take the pearl all in one pc as an example to provide more flexible configuration. Support 21.5/23.8-inch full HD screen, to meet the daily Internet, document processing and other office needs.If you want more performance, you can choose Intel seven generation Core i7 7700 version, 16G large capacity memory, 512G high-speed solid state drive, you can also choose GTX730/740/750/1050, comes with wireless WIFI receiver and two-channel speaker. Run all kinds of software without pressure to ensure the efficiency of the office.

2.Small space occupied

      Urban office rents are expensive, and many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have less than 1 square meter of space per person. The traditional desktop computer has a huge chassis with a bunch of wires, which greatly reduces the personal space, making the already crowded office more chaotic and oppressive. Choose all-in-one, you have to choose thin and light.Like the Legend-215, the thinnest part is only 6.8mm, which is thinner than an iPhone. You can use it as a monitor, saving about 70% of the desktop space.

3.Appearance value is a plus item 

      As the main office equipment, placed in the C position of the desktop, to some extent, the computer represents the image of a company, so choosing a good looking machine will naturally become a plus item.

     The design of the A65 all in one pc takes a simple and fashionable route, and the color of the Galaxy has a visual beauty, which is well coordinated with the office environment. Imagine that dozens of computers in the office area, looking at the past, neatly, not only give employees a good office environment, but also the customer's temperament.