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New trends in fine living,Diversification of all-in-one computers

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New trends in fine living,Diversification of all-in-one computers
Issue Time:2019-03-30
Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing an all-in-one computer.

Many people buy an all-in-one computer, mainly because the screen is large enough, so before buying, be sure to understand the screen of the all-in-one computer that you need to purchase. For example, will it be reflective, how will the color rendering effect, how to be sharp, and so on.

Heat dissipation
No matter what computer, if the heat is not good, it will directly affect the performance of the computer, causing the computer to get stuck. Therefore, when purchasing an all-in-one computer, you must also pay attention to the heat dissipation.
Size selection
The 32-inch full HD display is recognized in the industry as the best all-in-one computer gold size with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, making it easy to play high-definition video. The vision is larger and wider, and the delicate image quality experience can be obtained. The perfect dot pitch makes the human eye more comfortable.

Pay attention to the match with the home environment

One of the highlights of the all-in-one pc product difference between traditional desktops is the intimate home-based design for the home environment.When purchasing an all-in-one computer, heat dissipation performance, noise reduction performance, and radiation protection performance are all important points to be investigated. In addition, there are some details of the function, which can also be considered according to family needs when purchasing an integrated computer.
Therefore, it is exactly what you need to buy a all in one computer with a versatile appearance and good performance.The DJS-D32U all-in-one can not only watch movies as if they are in the cinema, but also play large games.