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What is an all-in-one (aio pc)

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What is an all-in-one (aio pc)
Issue Time:2019-06-24

Some types of AIO PCs have multi-touch display capabilities. The design is easy to use, and accessories and peripherals can be easily connected. Usually located below or to the side of the display, the port provides a convenient location for the user. One of the main advantages of using an AIO PC is that it saves space because the display is also integrated into the system. The technology used is similar to the technology used to make laptops. This indirectly brings another benefit, namely reducing the cable and thus reducing clutter. The AIO PC does not require a separate video cable or the power cord of the display. It is also easier to reposition and easier to handle than a desktop computer. Similarly, AIO PCs look smoother, consume less power, generate less heat, and are more environmentally friendly than desktop computers.

However, there are some disadvantages to using AIO PC. One of the biggest drawbacks is scalability. Upgradeability is usually limited to RAM upgrades. Customizing, adjusting or self-healing AIO PCs can be quite difficult. Failure of a single component often results in the need to repair/replace the entire unit. AIO PCs have lower graphics capabilities and processing speeds than desktop computers. It is also much more expensive than a desktop computer.